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Flora & Fauna
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Flora & Fauna.

The area is an arid environment, with a majority of cacti and fig trees and also some palm and pepper trees. There are still some traditional banana plantations, and the tomatoes and other vegetables grown in the area are well known for its high quality and marvelous taste. The only animals in the area are endemic lizards, visible when you walk along the trails in the area of Callao Salvaje. However, the coast of Callao Salvaje holds a wide diversity of marine species, such as Samas, snapper, haddock, sardines, rays, and small fishes of every color, flying fish, squid, shrimp, sea urchins, crabs and other endemic species. One of the musts is to visit the groups of pilot whales and dolphins that approach to the coast. If you're lucky you can even find some sea turtles looking for some rest at the coast.

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